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What is a Continuing Disability Review and How Can        Joy Disability Help?


Did you know that you will be subject to a Continued Disability Review (CDR) by the Social Security Administration? Unfortunately, your SSI and SSDI benefits are not granted for life. The Social Security Administration periodically reviews your claim to determine whether or not you should continue to receive your benefits. More on the CDR laws. Often, benefits recipients are not prepared for the review and many lose their benefits as a result. This seems to be particularly evident now, with the rather hostile environment that exists for SSD/SSI claimants.


Don't let that happen to you and your family.

What's more, if you lose your CDR and appeal that denial while also asking for your benefits to continue while your appeal is pending, it may make it impossible for you to hire an attorney at all to fight for those benefits. Hiring an attorney after the 'horse has left the barn' will require that you retain an attorney out of your own pocket, at a rate that is usually $2000-$4000 in retainer.  This is because, in such CDR cases, there are no 'back benefits' to collect - so, there is no back benefits from which the SSA can withhold the fee to pay the lawyer legal fee.  Knowing this, most lawyers will not represent a claimant on a CDR appeal unless that client can pay a retainer into Trust Account.


CDRs are not always on the schedule you may have been advised of by the SSA (if advised of the timing at all).  Often they are 1-3 years after award, sometimes 5-7 years.  When the SSA is understaffed, they can be delayed and you may get little warning of the review.  Once you are advised of a CDR, you can't go back and fix your past evidence to be more demonstrative of your limitations.  (It is strongly recommended that beneficiaries of SSD build a savings so that IF they lose an initial CDR and need to retain an attorney for the appeal, they have the retainer they will need to do that -- start with $25/mo., it will probably get you where you need to be, just in case.)


There ARE actions you can take to better protect yourself and your family.


    Joy DisabilityTM provides an individualized Pre-CDR Disability Benefits Protection service for a nominal monthly fee, as a courtesy to former clients and non-clients who are SS disabled.  It is designed help you keep your case strong and prepared for your next CDR. 


For $39/month (if your case has already been reviewed by us, otherwise after legal review) you can have peace of mind in knowing:   that your case information you provide us is being monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis, your unlimited questions on your SS claim concerns answered by an attorney who exclusively practices social security law, and expert guidance provided all along the way on what you can be doing to maintain the integrity of your SSD or SSI award, based on the information you provide on an ongoing basis.  We also provide reminders to keep you on schedule to submit your updated treatment information to us, particularly helpful for those with less than perfect memory, and electronic provision to you of medical records request letters and HIPAA compliant releases, for your use in requesting medical records, should you seek them. 


There are no guarantees in the SS life - but you can maximize your chances of keeping your benefits should you not recover from your disability. 


Here is how we do it and what you get:


1. Your personal on-call SSD attorney:  We provide unlimited access each and every month, by phone, text, fax, MyCase portal, and email communications to ensure you'll always have your SSDI and SSI claim questions answered, including work attempt guidance, if you are so inclined. 


2. Ongoing claim organization:  We accept from you and maintain your treatment chronology and contact information, in an organized and reviewed format, so it is ready for you at a moment's notice, when you are faced with a CDR.  We will advise you of any apparent legal weaknesses in your ongoing choices in treatment.


3. Ongoing medical file monitoring and maintenance: We collect from you (at the pace YOU choose) and maintain copies of your ongoing (and/or past) medical records in a safe, secure file, to ensure the information you need to complete your continued disability review forms is quickly available.


4.  Administrative review of your CDR Forms:  Once you complete your CDR forms as requested by the SSA, using the updated and maintained info we have retained for you, (or not, at your option), we provide administrative review of your document draft and communicate with you accordingly any issues, before you send it in.


5.  Other SSA documents monitoring: We monitor your other SSA correspondence (as provided us by you at your discretion), not only CDR related letters, and advise you specifically, as necessary, often times avoiding further issues with your claim.


6. Ongoing Evidence Development Advisement: We advise you on your best actions for developing your best additional supportive evidence during the months and / or years before your CDR, to help you prepare for your pending CDR.


7.  Free Access to Your MyCase Portal:  We provide you and pay for your private access to your online MyCase* account, our secure online case management platform, so you can always access your files, download documents and medicals from your file, upload anything you want us to have, send and receive secure messages between you and us, and stay on top of your situation.  You can also upload any received medical records to MyCase, for us to securely hold and review for you.


8. Easy automated subscription:  We offer easy payment options including automated billing by PayPal, money order, personal check, Visa, MasterCard and other credit or debit cards.


9.  Note: While we do NOT hereby represent you in an official capacity before the SSA (which requires a 1696 appointment filing and an actual appeal), when your future CDR is scheduled, should you be discontinued in your benefits and seek to appeal that SSA decision, you may ask us to review your denial and consider representing you on appeal – your option - and if mutually agreeable, we may agree to be Appointed.  Note that a CDR appeal relationship typically requires a Retainer, unlike your original claim relationship, because there are no back benefits expected that the SSA may use to pay attorney fee on successful outcome.  HOWEVER, You have NO obligation to retain us for any CDR appeal.


 10. Rate lock in - Starting your subscription now locks in your rate for a minimum of 3 years!  What are you waiting for?

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