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Generally, this subscription service is designed with affordability in mind at $39/mo. 

after your attorney review fee.


If we did not represent you on your claim prior, we are starting with zero info or knowledge about YOU and your claim. As such, you need attorney review of your legal and medical situation.This often takes dozens of legal hours over months of time.  However!  In addition to our behind our scenes brainstorming after our lengthy phone conference with you and receipt of any documents you may be able to provide, you are entitled to open access to communicate with Attorney Joy, be it by phone, email, text, fax, Client portal messages, etc. all month, every month at no additional charge - that is the beauty of having your CDR attorney on consultation retainer!
The charge for these many additional hours of review work is a 1 time charge of
$599, which includes your first month of service.  Thereafter, you will be billed $39/mo. with immediate access to upload or fax or mail to us any relevant documents, email with attorney, or phone conversation when needed.





Social Security Disability

Stephanie O. Joy

SSD/SSI Attorney

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$599 +$39/mo.

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