CDR Help!  A La Carte


OK, so you may have missed the Pre-CDR service opportunity after you won your initial claim for disability benefits, and now you are in a panic because you were just notified by the SSA that you are being REVIEWED.  If you want experienced CDR attorney review and guidance to help you through this process, you have come to the right place.  (This is not representation before the SSA, but attorney consulting before your CDR is adjudicated by the SSA, so you can put your best foot forward.  If you lose your CDR and have to appeal, that is when you want to actually retain a CDR attorney to handle your appeal - which is a whole other matter.)


Help With Your CDR Notice - A la Carte!

This typically entails: 

1) (Required) Initial CDR Consultation: to fact gather with you, via a lengthy phone interview.  $199


2) (Optional) Short Form Review & Consult: A review of your short form with phone consultation


              Short form: $199



   3) (Optional) Long Form Review & Consult: A review of your long form draft with phone consultation


              Long form: $249

Initial CDR Interview

Short Form Review & Consult

Long Form Review & Consult

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