Coffee & SSD Talk: In Person Q&A






Join us for a small group Q&A session with attorney Stephanie Joy of Joy Disability, over a cup of coffee or tea at a local diner or coffee shop.  CoffeeTime includes general questions about the SSD / SSI process and strategy and attendee questions are not only welcome, but our main focus. 


Because it is a group setting, specific answers/questions about one's situation are not confidential, but attendees are welcome to ask whatever they wish.  (See Menu button for private consult sign ups (Affordable Q&A) for other options if privacy is needed).


These sessions are small and warm, with generally a max of 5 attendees at the table.  Reservations are required a long with a refundable reservation deposit of $10.*  Most round tables last 1 hour, but can go longer if needed.  Tickets are available here (see above), and entitle you to your future choice of dates/locations that will be made available.  Your ticket purchase above, provides for your refundable deposit and your receipt.


A 5 ticket group purchase allows attendee and attorney to pick a mutually acceptable date and time and will include no other ticketed attendees outside of YOUR chosen group.  Smaller ticket purchases allow attendee to choose which future date to attend, where openings are available.


*Refunds are only available at the discretion of the attending attorney, and generally when CoffeeTime session can not be scheduled within a 30 day time frame, if requested.  No refunds upon No Show.

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SSD/SSI Attorney

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