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Concurrent/Dual Claim: Which claim do I apply for? SSI or SSDIB? Or BOTH?


Indeed, it can be complicated. If you are planning on filing for disability benefits, you need to know of the 2 programs and get a good estimate of whether you can and should be filing for both.


Many lawyers who do not focus exclusively on Social Security programs do not accept SSI exclusive cases.  They only accept SSDIB cases. And, if they do, they disregard the SSI issue that applies to many. 


At over $750/month for 5 months, they are often leaving $3750 on the table that the claimant could have/should have been awarded, had they only performed the correct SSI analysis and its interaction with an SSDIB claim. You don't want to make that same mistake - and knowing the plan BEFORE you apply is critical because the application date AND its contents are very defining as to future entitlement.  Don't leave $3750 behind.  If you do, you generally cannot reverse course to apply later.

* At an average of 2 legal hours, this is a savings of 72% over the regular billable rate.***
**If future representation is contracted for and Stephanie Joy becomes your attorney representative for your disability claim, the entire consult fee is applied to any future legal fee set by the Social Security Administration.

*** Alternatively, the hourly billable attorney rate for consultation is $350.00 per hour.


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