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A Continuing Disability Review (CDR) is a review done by the SS to make sure that SSD (or SSI) beneficiaries are still disabled and entitled to those benefits. The SSA determines whether you have medically improved since you were found disabled. If you have improved, it then determines if you have improved enough such that there exists work you can do on a full time basis.
Remaining prepared for your future CDR is the best way to ensure you have the strongest chances of prevailing with your CDR - and that starts from the day you get your award on your application.

However, even if you have done your best, you may want to review actions, determine if there is something more to do to strengthen your upcoming CDR chances, and ask questions about your situation vis a vis the CDR process.

* Often a CDR consultation goes beyond 1 hour.  However, if it does so organically, your 1 hour fee will cover it - at no extra charge.


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