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One of the biggest mistakes a claimant can make is to underestimate the importance of the dreaded Function Report.
Misconceptions on whether more or less information should be shared with the SSA via the Function Report - Adult, that just about every claimant receives and must respond to, can make or break a claim.  As a general rule, many of us who exclusively practice SSDIB/SSI law, understand that a Function Report that is not appropriately and accurately drafted, tends to be used to DENY a claim, rather than the opposite ensuring an awarded claim.  Moreover! The Function Report you submit is a permanent part of the government's Record on your claim -- it follows you on appeal, if you are denied, and remains as evidence for or against you when you go before an Administrative Law Judge for hearing, and beyond.

You have one chance to make this important document that tells your story, the most compelling and illustrative it can be.  If you are not positive you can make it the most compelling, consider ordering a consult to make sure it is.

* At an average of 2 1/4 to 2 1/2 legal hours, this is a savings of 72-74% over the regular billable rate.***
**If future representation is contracted for and Stephanie Joy becomes your attorney representative for your disability claim, the entire consult fee is applied to any future legal fee set by the Social Security Administration.

*** Alternatively, the hourly billable attorney rate for consultation is $350.00 per hour.


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