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Government Pension Offset

GPO is usually a complicated area and very specific to the individual. Typically, this Consult need would be preceded by some concern that GPO may be applied by the SSA to reduce a person's auxiliary benefit from a spouse's work record with regard to social security disability or retirement benefit. 
Perhaps a letter was received from the SSA, or a well-meaning friend put the fear of GPO in you. Either way, we can usually help you gain the understanding you need to determine if you have a shot at fighting the GPO.
I will review your situation as it pertains to GPO (and possibly WEP as well, all included) on a consultation basis (not a representation basis*) - this will entail receiving a summary narrative from you via email (usually), including your question(s), along with any paperwork attachments to review, if you have.  I will research the issue to see if your situation is clearly defined by the Rules, Regs, SSRs, POMs, etc. and share the findings with you, including citations you can link to and print, should you need them for an SSA meeting or hearing.
Cost:  $479.00 for results of research in writing, with citations where applicable.* $579.00 includes follow up Phone review.

* At an average of 5 legal hours, this is a savings of 73% over the regular billable rate.***
**If future representation is contracted for on the GPO issue, the Consultation Fee, less $100, is applied to future legal representation fee.

*** Alternatively, the hourly billable attorney rate for consultation is $350.00 per hour.


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