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BLOG: Working While Collecting SSD, Reporting Work, etc.


"I receive ssdi in the amount of $901.. I recently started working a part time job at $9 an hr. I work about 22 hrs a week. Should I report this? I don't want to lose my benefits. My work income is around $740 a month..."


You are required to report it. You may wish to review your SSD award paperwork where it informed you of what you need to report. Working in any capacity is part of it. Your income level is not a bar to SSD. However, your ability to work 22 hours/week may or may not suggest you can work more. Moreover, one must analyze the kind of work you are doing and whether it is contrary to what you claimed you were unable to do. The amount of income, itself, is not a problem by itself, it is under SGA. You may want to consult with a dedicated SSD attorney about what you will want to do to be prepared for your upcoming mandatory CDR. This would include not only keeping ongoing medical evidence strong, but also advise on work attempts, risks, how to minimize, etc. Not all attorneys provide this type of advice, but some do, so reach out to those of us that do. Know that SSA WILL find out about your earnings, one way or another, so there is nothing to gain by concealing.

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