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Won Claim But in a Rush for Those Long-Awaited Benefits to Start? Patience is a Virtue...


My back pay goes back 3 years and I am going to be recieving a large amount. However, I am so backed up with bills, services are in danger of being shut off and I may even be evicted soon. I have seen the ads on TV about getting some funds now instead of having to wait for 4 to 6 mos for my Social Security benefit to start to be paid . I am only wanting about 5k to pay bills with until my monthly payments start coming in. Is this a possibility?


Please try to resist the urge to be willing to give up HUGE moneys for a quick $5k of your back benefits. One way to resist may be to consider that until those back benefits are received, there is always a chance, (however remote), of something going awry and you not getting what you expect. If that were to happen, you'd now be owing your first born to an expensive lending company. Alternatively, pretend to yourself that you are still waiting for a decision and just plug along as you have, be that borrowing from loved ones with assurances they will be paid back asap. Jumping the gun to rush moneys can really, really cost you. I will add that it is very unusual for monthly prospective benefits to take more than a few weeks. Usually they are within the first month, in my experience, and you can feel free to repeatedly contact your local office to express how desperate you are to pay your bills, so you need your benefits processed immediately. Sometimes squeaky wheel does get the oil. Back benefits CAN take longer, particularly if you had a concurrent claim (both SSI and SSDIB). At times, if there is no net gain from continuing an SSI concurrent claim, you can ask to withdraw that SSI claim, so that the SSA need not perform the fancy footwork of SSI figuring/paying, then to offset SSDIB figuring/paying. Those actions, I understand it, are performed by two separate departments, and so when one is done (say, SSI figuring), the matter than goes to SSDIB arm for figuring, but each person has an inbox and you may not be at the top of that inbox, as it may be first come first serve, to get that aspect of the case completed. You can speak to your lawyer about having that accomplished, if you are unsure of how to do it. Then, your SSDIB benefits can be figured out and paid out rather expeditiously, usually in a few weeks.

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