• Stephanie O. Joy

When is a child considered "disabled" under SSI rules?

To functionally equal the listings, an impairment(s) must be of listing-level severity; that is, it must result in “marked” limitations in two domains of functioning or an “extreme” limitation in one domain.[6] 20 CFR 416.926a(a). Domains are broad areas of functioning intended to capture all of what a child can or cannot do. SSA uses the following six domains:

(1) Acquiring and using information,

(2) Attending and completing tasks,

(3) Interacting and relating with others,

(4) Moving about and manipulating objects,

(5) Caring for yourself, and

(6) Health and physical well-being.

20 CFR 416.926a(b)(1) .[7] You can read the full SSR here: https://www.ssa.gov/OP_Home/rulings/ssi/02/SSR2009-01-ssi-02.html

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