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How Pensioners Can Avoid WEP Reduction with the Substantial SS Income Exception

If you get a government or foreign pension based on work that you didn't pay Social Security taxes on, and you also get Social Security Retirement (or disability) from a different job(s) for a number of years, you will generally be subject to a correction to your expected social security benefit amount (and your dependents) - unless you meet a worthy exception. One such exception occurs if those years (past or future) of Social Security covered work included "substantial income", and you have enough of them, they will reduce or eliminate the application of the WEP correction. Make 20 years and you will see a smaller WEP impact to your estimated Social Security benefit. Make 30 years and watch it go away.

Here are the defined amounts, by year, of what constitutes "substantial income" under the law.

If you need an attorney consultation on your WEP concerns, you no longer have to pay by the hour for attorney review and share, but may enjoy a flat fee charge.


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