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Best Steps to Start Your Social Security Disability Claim Journey

Updated: May 21, 2022

Note: This article/video is for general information only and is not legal advice to any particular reader or individual. For legal advice, you must specifically retain a lawyer who evaluates your specific situation.

I am SSD Attorney Stephanie Joy and here I run down best practices for claimants to follow even before they file their application for Social Security Disability. These are what may be most SSD lawyers' dream steps they wish their clients have already done, and clients wish they'd known to do these, so scarce time is not wasted after retention. As always, off the cuff, quick and in real time, informal videos with all the au natural "ums" and "ahs" on All Things Social Security, to help you click and learn. When I get a request, I do my best to pop out a video accommodating with the information. This is just that. I hope it helps you or a loved one. You got this! Register to avail yourself of the Rumble platform videos and then SUBSCRIBE NOW the the Rumble Channel "All Things Social Security" for email alerts for more on these steps and related content. While your claim is pending with Joy Disability or without, you will be glad you did.

As always, all statements in this video and elsewhere online are general information only, do not constitute legal advice and do not create an attorney client privilege. To obtain legal advice, retain a lawyer. Please consider subscribing to this Blog as well as All Things Social Security, our new Ramble video channel.

For SSD/SSI representation consideration, please fill out our free Attorney Evaluation form. We do NOT charge a retainer to serve you. If, on the other hand, you seek an attorney level consultation/analysis of a particular situation, whether you are a company or an individual, or to discuss your own situation without representation, to learn information beyond that information you may obtain for free from the SSA itself, and you do not otherwise have a lawyer representing your before the SSA, you may order a scheduled consultation at affordable attorney rates. Contact the office at 201-317-0610 or email

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