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Happy Independence Day 2021!

Happy Independence Day weekend to all of our clients, former clients and associates! (For a view on the Social Security Administration's word on this day in a recent 2019 statement, see here.) During these trying times, I hope you are able use it to bring you and yours the most joy and peace so well deserved by you, as you deem fit for yourself. For me, always on this day, I gratefully recognize and use my freedoms, and deem fit for myself in my own way to: I use this holiday to take a short breather, to do two things: I choose to enjoy time with my family, for whom the USA has striven for centuries now to ensure the most freedoms, both for my immigrant mother, my sister and I who are first generation Americans on her branch of the tree but many generations American via our father's branch of our tree. Perhaps more importantly, I also and always use this holiday to reflect on and celebrate (and re-review the history of) the hard work, tough choices, and sacrifices made by those, centuries ago, striving for a more free nation of people from whence they came, and the freedom to pursue the dream of more freedom and equality.

Reminding ourselves of just how much the objectives, goals and dreams of those that came centuries before us, (those born into and of a very different, less equitable societal environment then we have today), have been successfully pursued, is a gift to ourselves.

That centuries-old founding objective of increased freedom and equality that has been steadily grown, nourished and flourished over the last centuries, thanks to our Founders, is a healthy and heartwarming gift we can give ourselves in the face of some toxic mindsets who prefer to be blind to such history, and behave intently to create a great divide among We, The American People, as well as our Friends throughout the World. Here is to the United States of America! May she continue to do great work as she strives for continued self-improvement, continued leadership of the free world, and to continue to encourage our foreign counterparts to welcome freedom, autonomy and equality. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL! PATRIOTICALLY YOURS, Stephanie Joy JOY DISABILITY

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