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Social Security Considerations for Families and the CPAs Advising Them

There are many pitfalls one can fall into very easily that will later prevent a person or family from getting the most Social Security insurance benefits they have earned and paid for over the years. Decisions made today can very well effect benefits amount in 20 years. This includes both Social Security Retirement Insurance (Old Age, etc.) and Social Security Disability Insurance. The attached PowerPoint presentation was a summary used during a 2016 presentation to New Jersey CPAs, in order that they be aware of how differing advice could permanently affect their clients' financial futures with Social Security.

However, the material is not exclusively for CPAs and applied to nearly everyone who has worked, plans to work or has family members who have or do work, and or become disabled. Any questions, just ask! (I am considering making a video/audio presentation on this material, to allow consumers a more detailed understanding of each point. Stay tuned.)

2016 (2021 update) Social Security Considerations for Accountants2
Download PPTX • 142KB

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