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When You Are Pro Se and Need an SSA Form!

It is no secret that I am certainly bias towards claimants having legal representation when pursuing a Social Security Disability claim. Even more, I lament the numerous common situations where the rules set by the SSA prevent SSD representatives from being able to include certain SS pursuits into their business practices, which only leads to claimants struggling in their claim pursuit alone, without representation, or pro se. (Those are issues for another day.) But as I was looking to see if any forms I regularly use with my clients have been updated by the SSA (we don't tend to get advised of this, so I periodically check), I thought, well, how many times to I get a call from a non-client looking for a form? And I find the form and email it to her. Might I not just post this link so they can grab what they need and know it is the SSA's most updated version? Uh, yes, I might. So here it is:

Pretty simple. My apologies for not having done so before. Time (or lack of it) is not my friend. Have a great day everyone!

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