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You run a very successful personal injury practice, (or WC, or MM) but do not practice Social Security Disability.  Stephanie Joy, Esq., can help you change that latter fact, at least as far as your firm is concerned.  She has found from her earlier PI and WC work, that often a client’s injuries or conditions render him unable to work full time, at least temporarily.  In those cases, unbeknownst to him, it is often critical that he file for social security disability in the near term - to protect not only his limited time frame to successfully file, but his future social security retirement benefits from diminishing.  Very often, neither he nor his attorney has recognized this life-changing element.  Stephanie has been assisting other firms outside of her own practice with their SSD needs, since 2013.



Stephanie Joy can assist you in / by

  • creating an SSD department within your existing practice

  • improve/reorganize your current SSD department and its procedures   She can

  • provide seminars to your associates, so they can get up and running on SSD law and practice

  • being your safe haven to send your clients to, who you believe may need an SSD lawyer - a value added service from you to your clients.



It is very important that YOU recognize the SSD issue, so you can best serve your clients, and your own law firm:


1.  Protect your clients' financial future, both disability rights now, and retirement funds later.

2.  Avoid ethical issues with failing to inform your clients of their SSD rights.

3.  Stop leaving a viable stream of added legal fee income on the table.

4.  Enjoy the symbiosis between your existing PI, WC or MM case and a possible SSD case.


And if you already have an existing SSD department within your firm, Stephanie Joy provides the following SSD related consultant services, both short term and long term:


  • Manage or supervise overall firm SSD caseload

    • Ongoing, or for coverage during medical/maternity/vacation leave SSD head

  • Review processes for uniformity and reliability in case work-up

  • Review PI, WC, MM cases to determine suitability for SSD claim

  • Assist staff with or advise on daily caseload issues

  • Provide document review, drafting assistance and oversight

  • Consult on adhoc ongoing SSD and SSR issues on a reasonable monthly retainer

  • Provide SSD Seminars

  • Remote off-site management arrangements as well as on-site projects

  • Long term and short term SSD projects

  • Exclusive and non-exclusive consulting





If you have an existing SSD department within your firm, Stephanie can help improve it.  See here.

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