What Else Does She Do?


Aside from her full time practice with her clients, a little of this and a little of that.  To name a few:


Since 2008, Stephanie has been a paid contributor on JustAnswer.com, a multi-national informational site.  She is a credited expert in a wide variety of legal fields, thanks to her days of general NJ practice prior to going exclusively to Social Security Disability.  She is also one of the company's few Social Security Attorneys providing assistance to consumers and other lawyers.  She was recently featured by JustAnswer in its segment about its "superstar" legal experts who made the move to superstar work-from-home Moms, and the interesting balance between work and family that such a path entails.  You can read more of that here.


Stephanie is the appointed manager of the 3000 member strong LinkedIn group called "Social Security Disability", since 2011.  This Group is where SSD professionals, including Judges, Attorneys, Medical and Vocational Experts, non-attorney Representatives and SSA staffers discuss and share SS related information in a field where the niche is still pretty limited, and "text book" answers are hard to find.


Social Security Disability

Stephanie O. Joy

SSD/SSI Attorney

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