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Yes, You Can Work, But Pay Attention!


Many people believe, and some attorneys even tell them, that they can not be productive or earn income when disabled.  This is not accurate.  Not at all. 
In fact, the SSA encourages working and provides for opportunities for beneficiaries who remain disabled to do so without cancelling their Title 2 (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits.
Being able to work, contribute to household income beyond one's insurance benefits, can have a huge effect on one's standard of living and quality of life, both physically and mentally.
As such, if you have a pending claim OR are already deemed disabled and are collecting your earned and paid for SSDIB benefits, and you believe you could do something gainfully - or have been made an employment offer, DO get the straight up on what you need to do to comply with SSDIB rules to do so without having your benefits terminated.
For an understanding on the basic rules of working while a claim is pending or after you have won your claim, Option 1 will suit your needs.  If you want your
specific medical and vocational situation reviewed, in addition to knowing those rules, Option 2.
*** Alternatively, the hourly billable attorney rate for consultation is $350.00 per hour.


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