To start, how does over 25 years of legal experience and  a winning record, with over 15 years exclusively representing claimants before the Social Security Administration sound Stephanie Joy has perfected the disability claim interview process so that our thorough phone conversation with you can determine same day if your case is accepted for representation before the SSA -  and you know right away - no waiting.  There's no need to travel and come in to our offices, nor to wait for an answer - We are THAT good.



Social Security is not just a retirement program, it helps people of all ages who are too disabled to work. But winning your benefits is not a sure thing. See how Joy Disability can help.


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If you have suffered a physical or mental disability and can't work you may be entitled to disability insurance benefits. Even if you've been denied benefits, you may still be able to win your rightful disability benefits. Call us for a free evaluation of your claim. Or fill out the easy online Evaluation.


Social Security is best known as a retirement program. But it provides hard working citizens with many more benefits. Some of the most important are the healthcare, supplemental security income and disability benefits that act as a safety net to individuals who have been disabled and can’t work. Unfortunately, getting a claim filed and approved is not always a simple thing, let alone a sure thing. Claimants are wise to use the services of an experienced attorney well versed in the governmental procedures and tangled web of rules.


Stephanie O. Joy has been fighting for deserving clients for more than 20 years. In all that time, she has achieved a top record in claims approvals, with denials being the rarity.  Moreover, Stephanie does not drop a client if that client is denied - she sticks by her clients, encourages them to persevere and follow the directives needed for a win.  Stephanie knows the ‘system’.  And she shares that knowledge of what is needed in that system to win for her disabled clients.  She has compassion and integrity.  Her relationship with her clients is that of a "team" - and all players on the team work together to achieve the end goal.  Most importantly, she personally has an eye on your claim, and you, the whole time - she is "looking out for hard working people" like you.


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