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Stephanie Joy grew up in then-rural Chester, New Jersey, attending West Morris Central High School before heading off to Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where she earned her B.A. in Economics (minor in Mathematics).  She worked at Prudential in Newark for 2 years, before resigning to attend Law School full time at Seton Hall School of Law, also in Newark.  Subsequently, she worked for about 5 years at two firms, practicing general New Jersey state law matters with heavy litigation.

The Attorney - History and Resume

After her second firm, not being very impressed with the court system nor the "business of law",  Stephanie decided it was all or nothing - she would start her own practice, running it on her terms and as she saw appropriate.  In the early days while she built her business during the day, she also engaged in 'contract' legal projects for various law firms and corporations, while at night, she was either in night court or working her evening job in a local family-run restaurant.  Within a few years, she was able to buy a home in Pennsylvania while maintaining her law office in Morristown and putting the extra part time non-legal work behind her.  She soon after decided to focus her entire practice on Social Security Disability cases, and extricated herself from NJ state law entirely.  By 2008, she moved her SSD practice officially to her PA home office location, shedding her Morristown location.


Stephanie is very involved with SSD professionals throughout the United States.  In 2011, she was asked to manage the, then 1300+ members strong, professional LinkedIn group called "Social Security Disability" by the owner of that group who was taking a position with the Appeals Council.  The group, now 3100+ members strong, is comprised of attorney and non-attorney SSD representatives, SSA staff and claims representatives, ALJs, Vocational Experts and Medical Experts that work in the SSA system.  It is by far the most comprehensive and prolific network of professionals who round-table SSD issues via the LinkedIn site, on a daily basis, for the benefit of our respective clients and the profession as a whole.  She also owns and manages a "newer" LinkedIn group called Solo Practitioners of Social Security Disability Advocacy, a very small subset of those professionals that work in this field but also have the challenges and rewards of being Solo.  Most recently, she started the group SSD Zoom Round-Table Team, for those SSD representatives that enjoy actually live round-table discussions in a video/audio setting via Zoom meetings. Her LinkedIn profile is found here.

Stephanie is married with 2 children, living and working in Pennsylvania, while using technology to its fullest to provide legal services to clients wherever their location.




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