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Client Testimonials...

"Our Practice's Life Blood... Our biggest satisfaction comes from each and every satisfied Client."

Lisa - former client

"Stephanie handled my case with true professionalism and sincerity during a difficult time. I highly recommend her and would refer her to anyone that may need legal assistance."

From Jean - former client

"This attorney was recommended to me from Mayo Clinic for a disability claim specifically for a issue that I was not experienced with. I was pleased with her knowledge and expertise. She was prompt and helped me through the process. She kept in touch with me and allowed me to participate in this process as well. At the same time she was friendly and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend this attorney. I will definitely use her in the future if need be."

C.M. - former SSD client from far away

"Stephanie and her legal team are very professional and knowledgeable about disability laws and the process. She has empathy I for her clients and respects their needs and limitations by finding a way to fully assist them to a satisfactory goal. It is therefore my pleasure to highly recommend Stephanie Joy to represent you.
Thank you, C.M. Lambert, former RN and client"

From Kevin

"Ms Joy did an excellent job. She was on top of things sometimes before problems arose.She made doubly sure all my t`s were crossed and my I`s dotted.She was very,very patient with all the numerous questions I had to ask.Sometimes twice!"

Sandy from NJ

"The best around. I live in N.J and called Stephanie on the phone everything was handled either by email or phone. We never met but she made me feel like I was in good hands . She is wonderful and got the job done fast. I believe she is the best around."

Angela, a pro bono consulting client

"only had one brief encounter with her (a question posted on Avvo). I had several pointers in my detail description of the question, and her answers were thorough, clearly covering each of the pointers. I know I will work with her if/when I need help with Social Security benefit issues.. .Another reviewer, who worked with her remotely, makes me believe that working with her from CA will not be a problem.
Thank you for your help!

Maureen - former SSD client

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"Stephanie helped me successfully obtain approval for social security disability benefits in under a year. She keeps you informed through out the process where you stand. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of obtaining social security disability benefits."

Susan D. - former SSD client, current CDR service client


" nice to actually have a lawyer that did all the work for you and that you didn't have to be stressed out I would definitely hire her again and recommend her to anyone I know"

From Thomas - Former client, then CDR client


"I would recommend Stephanie Joy to anyone who is in need of professional services that she provides. In my experience she stayed up to date and on top of important aspects that made her legal representation imperative to the success of the case. Her passion in her work ethics and her attention to detail made her not only excel but was obvious why she was the clear choice for me. I found her to be affordable and honest as well."

From Deborah, former SSD client, current CDR service client...


"Stephanie O. Joy has been extremely helpful while being my advocate in a legal situation. Her knowledge is extensive and she was always able to answer my questions in a quick and timely manner. She guided me through the process professionally but always with patience and understanding. For lay people unfamiliar with legal processes, such as myself, most legal matters can be very stressful. Stephanie inspires confidence and removes that stress component. I m very grateful for that."

Tracey, former SSD client re CDR appeal

“… I just wanted to say Thank you for all the time and effort you have putting in my case.  I never met a lawyer who really cares as much as you do.  Thanks for all the positive feedback… hope you are feeling well with pregnancy - it’s worth it!”


Tracey U.

J. - parent of SSI/SSD client

"To Whom It May Concern,
Hello my name is Jean, my sons’ name is Jxxxxx and we live in xxxxxx County
in Alabama. My son was 25 years old and he had been diagnosed with bi-
polar disorder. He had lost his job and he did not know what he was going to
do. My sister went on line to look for Social Security Disability Attorneys
and found Stephanie O. Joy, located in East Stroudsburg, PA. Many things
went through my mind. I am thinking to myself, how can someone who is so
far away help us? Even if they are able to help us, how will we ever pay for
this? At any rate, I knew that we would have to do something as it became
more and more apparent that he would never be able to hold down a job. He
had been through several jobs and hospitalized on a couple different
occasions. Through much prayer, we decided to start the process and at least
give this a try.

As it turned out, it was truly an answer to prayer. Mrs. Stephanie O Joy
responded almost immediately. She sent us all the necessary paperwork and helped us through the process at every point. She took the information we sent in and helped us format everything that was needed from Dr. Visits, to hospital stays etc. She answered any and all of our questions, either by e-mails, faxes, or phone calls.  All of it was so over-whelming you begin to think how will I get through all of this? Then at just the right time, you receive a call or e-mail from Mrs. Joy and she assures you that she cares about what you are going through.   Mrs. Joy is very knowledgeable in her work. She really cares about you as a person. Mrs. Joy became like family to us. It only took about nine months for us to get our answer. While this may vary according to the person; Mrs. Stephanie O Joy stays the course until it is done. I would recommend Mrs. Stephanie O. Joy to anyone in need of not only an attorney but someone who really cares about you as a person. She has a payment plan to meet your needs and assists as needed at
every turn. While bi-polar causes us to just take one day at a time, it brings us comfort to know that now not only is my son taken care of financially, he has a beautiful little girl that benefits from it too. Life can be hard but you need not ever feel defeated!
Jean Jxxxxxx

Tom D. - former SSD client


After my retirement my wife and I purchased our dream ranch on which we raise goats and I built a small mechanic shop to supplement my retirement income.  Shortly after my health started to deterioate and I soon found my self-unable to do the mechanic work or take care of our ranch without help.  My wife brought up applying for Social Security Disability which I had never considered and had no idea how to pursue that possibility.  An acquaintance suggested we visit Stephanie Joy’s website and I am certainly glad I did.  Stephanie explained to me that there was no “shame” in applying for disability, I had worked hard for over 30 years, paid into the system and now I needed the help.  What could have been a daunting and complicated process was made much easier with Stephanie’s guidance and assistance.  There were so many forms, compiling the medical evidence to support my heart and arthritis health issues.  Stephanie’s office handled all of this and walked me through all of the paper work.  Stephanie also handled all of the direct contact with the SSA office, as my attorney.  This made things much less stressful. She was always there to answer my questions and guide me as we went through the process.  I was denied at first, which unfortunately I hear is pretty normal.  Stephanie was not daunted by the denial and we appealed and won.  I now receive the Social Disability benefits I am entitled to and was also awarded back benefits.  This assistance has made it possible for my wife and I to hold on to our ranch and made the retirement years easier.  I don’t think anyone envisions himself or herself in the position where they would need to turn to Social Security Disability but if you do I strongly recommend contacting Stephanie Joy’s Law office to help you.  She is caring and knows the law and how to get you the benefits you are entitled to.





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