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When you contact us for a FREE evaluation, we can quickly assess your situation and submit a claim that is correctly filed and documented. You’ll owe us nothing until we are successful in getting you your benefits. You get top quality legal representation without worrying about spending money you can't afford.


When you contact our firm, Stephanie and her tight knit staff will provide you with a full assortment of services including:


  • Completing and filing all necessary forms for initial application, reconsideration or hearing

  • Ensuring your medical records get in front of the SSA adjudicator

  • Analyzing your medical and other records and advising you on best steps to improving the strength of your evidence

  • Thoroughly reviewing your Social Security file to find any possible weaknesses and determine what you need to receive benefits

  • Interacting with your adjudicator, providing legal arguments and fact assessments for persuasive conferences with the individual deciding your claim

  • Providing customized access to a secure website where your pertinent correspondence, legal documents and medical records can be available to you 24/7

  • Guiding you through each step of the process so that you can be prepared and know what to expect

  • Reminding you of your doctor appointments with Social Security doctors

  • Representing you at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge if you case goes to hearing

    Stephanie O. Joy, Esq.


Our Mission

Stephanie is committed to fighting for hard working people to win the benefits they deserve. She is compassionate with her clients and unrelenting in pursuit of the rightful benefits her clients deserve.

Stephanie has been practicing law  for 20 years and decided to devote her entire practice to the area of social security disability insurance benefits for over a decade.  As one of the leading practitioners in northeastern Pennsylvania, Stephanie has built a reputation for compassionate and effective representation of her clients. She is highly knowledgable about the complicated and beaucratic social security system and has developed strong relationships inside the system and outside of the system.


In addition, Stephanie and staff work as a TEAM with each client, so your claim is always developed to the fullest extent possible, for the highest chances of winning.  And, we take the hassle out of dealing with the SSA - if you receive a letter or a call, just call us so we are on the same page, and we will handle it.  You need not deal with it.  More...

Social Security Disability

Stephanie O. Joy

SSD/SSI Attorney

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