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Free Attorney Disability

Evaluation Form

ONLY Interview Consultations are Free, for those striving for an Appointed Attorney for a future Disability Award. All others, see here.

*Fully Completed Forms Are Reviewed First

If JoyDisability is booked out and cannot take your case at this time, do you request that we share your request for consideration to an Attorney Colleague who may be able to?
Check your Working Status
IF A OR B is answerd above, when did you last work near Full Time?
Have you previously filed a claim with the SSA?
If YES, my SS application status is as follows:
Have you ever been in a Hearing with an Administrative Law Judge?
Do you have a Primary Care Doctor see in the last 12 months?
Do you see 1 or More Specialists in last 12 monts?

Thank you for submitting!  To Learn MUCH about how to make  your claim the  best it can be, please  watch our TIPS by short video shares, here!

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