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When A Cancer Diagnosis May Cross Paths with Social Security Disability

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Note: This article is for general information only and is not legal advice to any particular reader or individual. For legal advice, you must specifically retain a lawyer.

The Social Security Administration reminds us that, at times, a diagnosis of Cancer, can unfortunately lead to an inability to work and disability. Sometimes, that disability from the cancer or its difficult treatments is sufficiently durational and severely limiting at the same time, to fall within the criteria of eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.[1]

All cancer diagnoses and treatment paths, however, are not the same and many do not implicate disability as defined by the Social Security Act. In fact, many fighting Cancer fortunately maintain the ability to work much of the time. But, many do rise to a disabling level. If your condition with or without limiting symptoms of treatment, has prevented you from work and you expect that it may prevent it for a year or more, you have earned benefits that you may be eligible for within the Social Security Disability program or its cousin, the Supplemental Security Income program.

Note: In rarer but critical instances, some Cancer conditions are quickly found disabling by the SSA so by virtual of the SSA Compassionate Allowance provisions. However, one can be still disabled under SSA rules while NOT be a candidate for the CAL.

The SSA shares resources to help those struggling with cancer, such as financial, legal and insurance information, including [1]

If you seek attorney representation for a Disability claim, it is our privilege to provide you a no cost evaluation. For a free Attorney-Level Disability Evaluation and possible attorney representation, we welcome you to fill out the very short Free Disability Evaluation Form. Or, feel free to call 201-317-0610. There is no retainer required for representation before the SSA on your pending claim. Joy Disability prefers, although it is not required, to accept your case prior to you filing, so that we may ensure that your application and required reports after applying are most accurate and useful for your claim.

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