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Video Mini Series: Function Report Dos and Don'ts

Note: This article/video is for general information only and is not legal advice to any particular reader or individual. For legal advice, you must specifically retain a lawyer who evaluates your specific situation.

The Social Security Disability Function Report (SSA-3373) - Take a watch-listen as attorney Stephanie Joy lays out this mini-series of short videos on each section of the Function Report, and her take on what is important to focus on, and what one may consider not focusing on or even not doing. Below you will find the Intro Video, but you will want to subscribe to the Social Security Video channel at to gain access to the various current and upcoming video clips on various sections of the Function Report that most claimant's really make everlasting errors on - to their detriment. Any many other super short videos for claimants and beneficiaries who have already prevailed.

TO DO NOW: For the FULL ONGOING VIDEO SERIES, "All Things Social Security" subscribe to the Rumble Channel: AllThingsSocialSecurity

As always, all statements in this video and elsewhere online are general information only, do not constitute legal advice and do not create an attorney client privilege. To obtain legal advice, retain a lawyer.

Epis. 17 - 2022. Mini Series: Social Security Disability Function Report - Dos and Don'ts - Intro

The full set of videos concerning best practices for the Function Report are found at the channel noted above, under Episode 17 (i.e. 17.1, 17.2.... and so on).

For SSD/SSI representation consideration, please fill out our free Attorney Evaluation form. We do NOT charge a retainer to serve you. If, on the other hand, you seek an attorney level consultation/analysis of a particular situation, whether you are a company or an individual, or to discuss your own situation without representation, to learn information beyond that information you may obtain for free from the SSA itself, and you do not otherwise have a lawyer representing your before the SSA, you may order a scheduled consultation at affordable attorney rates. Contact the office at 201-317-0610 or email

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